R&D Division Minerals Strategy Center Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources
Minerals Strategy Center


The Minerals Strategy Center plays a pivotal role in the construction of a sustainable future based on its ability to establish top-notch resource policies that incorporate technology, economy, and policy. The Center provides optimal solutions to the industry by utilizing expertise in the utilization of minerals, metals, and materials and plays a key role in the development of the domestic resource industry.

Major Activities

  • Development of resource cooperation master plan and business strategy with northern countries
  • Development of methodology for the selection of critical minerals in Korea
  • Government's policy setting for mid-to-long-term mineral resource stockpile and evaluation of feasibility of non-ferrous metal stockpile
  • Development of a standardized model for evaluating the reserves and economies of resources
  • Production of national statistics on mines/minerals/rare metals
  • Preliminary feasibility study on the resource development and exploration projects
  • Study on the basic plan for overseas and submarine mineral resource development