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Inauguration of President Joong-Ho Synn as the 19th President of KIGAM on the 8 September
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  • Date2016/11/10 00:00
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Dr. Joong-Ho Synn inaugurated as the 19th President of Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (in short, KIGAM). KIGAM had inauguration ceremony with the staffs, the former Presidents of KIGAM, and other valued visitors in the KIGAM’s Grand Auditorium on 8 September 2016. 


While the newly inaugurated President of KIGAM emphasized the maximization of accountability, creativeness and effectiveness, he suggested the new vision in his inauguration speech as follows: 

· Brand KIGAM – Mission oriented research system and resolve the agenda of national society

· Value KIGAM – Challenge the future frontier and Commercialize the value

· Global KIGAM – Lead and diffuse the global technology 



 Also, he pointed out that in order to realize the vision 2018 he suggested, the communication among the staffs has to be encouraged based on mutual trust and harmony.