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Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM) is a unique government-funded Geoscience research organization where top-notch Geoscience R&D is ongoing. It is my great privilege to introduce KIGAM where Korea’s finest geology experts are in charge of energy & mineral resources utilization, land, and environment preservations and exploring newly emerging global geoscience issues.

KIGAM was established on May 22 1918 as the Geological Survey of Korea, and we have grown into Korea’s unique comprehensive government-funded Geoscience R&D institute. Since 1918, KIGAM has innovated our R&D strategies to enhance the Korean people’s everyday life qualities as well as improve to boost the national economy by utilizing our cutting-edge Geoscience expertise and knowledge which we believe in benefitting all human societies.

KIGAM answers to serve the nation and people, and organizes R&D structures into the five Research Divisions: (1) Geology Division (2) Mineral Resources Division (3) Petroleum and Marine Division (4) Geologic Environment Division, and (5) Geoscience Platform Division. Also, KIGAM has the ‘Pohang Branch’, which is a special operating facility for Geoscience-related tests and evaluations.

We prolong our long-standing Geoscience R&D history and legacies by commemorating the Centenary History to celebrate the past. We devote ourselves to the next 100 years of Geoscience R&D in Korea by building the blueprints for the ‘Korean New Deal’ to further our research heritage. The ‘Korean New Deal’ is a grand transformation strategy for the future of the country, which delivers in two tracks: (1) Digital New Deal and (2) Green New Deal. As for the Digital New Deal, we are witnessing the digital transformation in all aspects of our lives; in fact, the current global pandemic forced this shift of paradigm in earlier track than we had expected. KIGAM leads the establishing various Geoscience big-data systems, digitalized geological maps, and a handy geo-platform in our grip. The other track is the Green New Deal, which is putting humans and the environment first in the center of all activities. KIGAM’s cutting-edge Geo-technologies, certainly, put advantages to take action toward decarbonization, carbon neutrality, and renewable energy for climate changes. We hold priority in the Green Economy relating Geoscience as a new field of the future considering global climate crises.

We believe that our research can make a better future for our children. KIGAM’s research goals are to prosper national wealth and protect the earth. Our great minds are more than bringing economic benefits and national contributions to Korea’s dramatic industrial developments. We have solid beliefs of K-Geoscience & K-Geotechnology can make people’s life much easier and comfortable for the greater good. KIGAM strives to develop advanced geoscience R&D to create a better tomorrow. We ask for your continual supports for the KIGAM’s hard works.

Thank you very much.