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Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM) is the unique government-funded Geoscience research organization where the top-notch R&D are ongoing.

It is my great privilege to introduce KIGAM where Korea’s finest geology experts are in charge of energy & mineral resources utilizations, land and environment preservations, and exploring newly emerging global geoscience issues.

KIGAM was established on May 22 1918 as the Geological Survey of Korea (1918~1945). Later on, it developed as a government-branched research organization (1946-1976), which grown into a government-funded independent R&D institute (1976~present). KIGAM is the Korea’s only government supported Geoscience Research Institute with the history of 100 years in 2018.

As KIGAM celebrates its centennial history in 2018, we specially endeavor to bring the innovative KIGAM strategies so that we can embrace the new KIGAM’s value and research cultures. Our ultimate goal is enhancing the quality of people's lives through science and technology which eventually contributes to the development of human society.

For those above reasons, KIGAM, today, modified its R&D structure into the five Research Divisions: (1) Geology Division (2) Mineral Resources Division (3) Petroleum and Marine Division (4) Geologic Environment Division, and (5) Geoscience Platform Division.

We have evolved over the ensuing 100 years, matching its expertise and knowledge to the progress of geoscience and to the national development as well as for people’s life quality in Korea. To commemorate our long-standing history and legacies, we specially opened the ‘KIGAM Centennial Hall’, which commemorating with exhibits of historical R&D records, interview footage of KIGAM predecessors about our research heritages over the last 100 years. Also, KIGAM Centennial Committee will publish KIGAM Centenary History Book in 2019. KIGAM’s endless hard works and dedications are more than simply for the Korea's splendid industrial developments. We hope that the KIGAM’s unique K-Geoscience and K-Geotechnology help to solve challenging global geo-related issues.

We believe that our research can make a better future for our children. KIGAM’s research goals are to prosper national wealth and protect the earth. Our great minds are more than bringing the economic benefits and national contributions to the Korea’s dramatic industrial developments. We have solid beliefs K-Geoscience & K-Geotechnology can make people’s life much easier and comfortable for the greater good. KIGAM strives to develop advanced geoscience R&D to create a better tomorrow. We ask your continual supports for the KIGAM’s hard works.

Thank you very much.
Dr. Bok Chul KIM