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CKC 2020 in the COVID-19 Era
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  • Date2020/09/11 00:00
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CKC 2020 in the COVID-19 Era





The CKC stands for 'Canada-Korea Conference in Science & Technology,' which is organized by Association of Korean-Canadian Scientists and Engineers (AKCSE) since 2010. This is for tightening international cooperating even further between Korea and Canada beyond the national borders in the fields of science and engineering technologies.


Last year, the CKC 2019 was held in June, Banff Canada; however, the year 2020 is a lost year in many ways due to the unexpected Corona virus outburst which wipes out the entire world and damaging every aspect of our normal days, including how we continue international cooperation.


This year considering special circumstances, the meeting is held in hybrid-parallel forms of on-site in both countries and online. According to the AKCSE, this new form of hosting an international conference opens a new possibilities by making sure every 550 attendees participated safe and sound from the epidemics. Discussed topics were vary covering the areas from Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the future of lithium-ion battery as well as emerging infectious disease: Covid-19 from the most respected Canadian scholars.


The opening ceremony was pre-recorded, and eminent speakers from various circles were commemorating the 10th CKC conference, and the programs were administered over the online and in-person in both ways.


COVID-19, certainly, is the overwhelming epidemic in the 21st century. However, this ongoing phenomena puts technology forward into the advanced level. We will eventually overcome this hardship. It is a prominent plan for now, and the next CKC 2021 is going to be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in Corona Virus-free world.