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Gas Hydrate Exploration and Production Study


The scope of gas hydrate study includes 1) resource estimation of chimney type gas hydrate in the Ulleung Basin, 2) developing comprehensive gas hydrate system in the Ulleung Basin, 3) optimal parameter estimation for production by depressurization in the UBGH2-6 site, and 4) well-bore stability analyses during depressurization production. This year, we developed a tool kit for resource estimation of chimney type hydrate and validated the methodology with 3D seismic survey results. Also, we built an integrated gas hydrate reservoir model by combining study results on pore-filling type hydrates and chimney type hydrates (Fig. 1). These study areas are currently mostly unknown, and the scientific achievements will significantly benefit the hydrate research community worldwide.  

A numerical model for fine migration was developed and implemented using in-house THM hydrate simulation code. This was the world’s second attempt to do so, preceded only by one Japanese gas hydrate research group. The performance of our in-house code was validated by participating in the IGHCCS2 (2nd International Gas Hydrate Code Comparison Study), in which about twenty institutes worldwide are participating (Fig. 2).  

Contact: Joo Yong Lee (

Fig. 1.

Fig. 2.