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KIGAM attended CKC 2016
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Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (Dr. Kyu Han Kim, the President of KIGAM) attended CKC 2016 (Canada-Korea Conference on Science and Technology 2016) from August 7 to August 8 which was held in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. 


"A Big Step Towards Science, Technology & Innovation" was selected as the main topic of the CKC 2016. During the conference, many conferences on various practical science and engineering topic were provided. The main purpose of the conference is not only to strengthen the relations between Canada and Korea especially in science and engineering field but also to commemorate the taking effect of the Agreement for Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation between Canada and Korea. Besides, discovering the topic for the future promising scientific strategy and researches are the expected results from the conference. 

In local time of August 8(Mon), the Sustainable Solutions to Climate Change Forum(SSCC) was held at Les Saisons room of the Westin Ottawa. In the part Ⅱ of the forum, the session entitled "Carbon Resource Recycling Appropriate Technology" were co-hosted by KIGAM and AKCSE.


Dr. Kyu Han Kim, the President of KIGAM started the Session with the welcoming remarks. In the speech, Dr. Kyu Han Kim, the President of KIGAM, addressed several significant consequences that are generated by the global climate change. He mentioned the KIGAM will put its best dedication to develop the climate change technology. 


Dr. Ji-Whan Ahn who is the executive director of Carbon Resource Recycling Appropriate Technology Center of KIGAM delivered the keynote speech on "Emerging Recycling Environmental Technologies for Simultaneous Utilization of CO₂ to Manufacture Green Cement and Recovery of Critical Rare Earth Elements from Coal Ash for Sustainable Society." There were five distinguished presenters from diverse countries in total; Prof. Saleem H. Ali, Prof. Junji Shibata, Mr. Scott Willis, Dr. Hyung-Ju Kim, and Prof. Sivaram Arepalli are the presenters. 


Professor Saleem H. Ali talked about "Rare Earth Minerals and Green Technologies: Towards Cooperative Solutions." 


Professor Junji Shibata prepared his presentation on "Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Technology for Sustainable Society of Critical Metals." After that, the presentation by 


Mr. Scott Willis from Climate Technology Centre and Network gave a presentation on the topic of "CTCN: Responding to Developing Country Technology Needs." 


Dr. Hyung-Ju Kim, the Director of Green Technology Center of Republic of Korea, presented about "GTC's Climate Technology Global Cooperation Approach: KIGAM Cooperation Case." 


Last but not least, Professor Sivaram Arepalli from Rice University discussed about "Role of Engineered Nanomaterials for Sustainable Energy." The discussion and Q&A session was followed. 

To briefly explain about CKC 2016 for better understanding regarding the events, it is an International conference co-organized by AKCSE (The Association of Korean-Canadian Scientists and Engineers) and KOFST(The Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies) every year. Its birth of year is 2005. In terms of size and professionalism, CKC has rapidly grown as an international conference covering diverse research topics on Science and Engineering. Now, it's one of the fundamental role is being a bridge between Canadian Scientists and Korean scientists. 

Also, Dr. Kyu Han Kim, the President of KIGAM participated in UKC (US-Korea Conference on Science, Technology & Entrepreneurship) which is organized by KESA(Korean-American Scientist and Engineers Association) from August 10 to 13 in Dallas, the United States. The purpose of the UKC was to improve the quality of life through exchanging the know-hows and accumulated academic knowledge on science, technology and entrepreneurship.