R&D Division Earthquake Research Center Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources
Earthquake Research Center


The Earthquake Research Center contributes to public safety and national policy by providing accurate information of natural and induced earthquakes based on observing ground motion and infrasound. To provide stable and highquality earthquake data, the Center develops techniques of operation and maintenance of seismic stations and operates Korea Integrated Seismic System (KISS) Network. It also develops earthquake hazard assessment and the techniques of rapid response for reduction of earthquake damage and implements the international mission of CTBTO National Data Center (NDC) to monitor nuclear tests in neighboring countries.

Major Activities

  • Physics-based strong ground motion simulation on finite fault in the southeastern province of the Korean Peninsula
  • Hybrid early warning system of rapid response for earthquake which applies to facilities
  • Multivariate site amplification and classification technology
  • Advanced micro-earthquake monitoring system for the areas of relatively high seismicity
  • Monitoring of earthquake activities and tectonic stress region using fault plane solutions of moderate earthquakes in the Korean peninsula
  • CTBTO National Data Center (NDC) work and surveillance of artificial events in neighboring countries
  • Establishment of an open platform system for providing earthquake information for experts