R&D Division Geoscience Data Center Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources
Geoscience Data Center


The Geoscience Data Center is building and operating a geoscience data repository to collect and manage various survey and research data systematically in the geoscience research field. To open and share of research data and to build a data-driven collaborative research ecosystem, the Center provides services to the public through the Geo Big data Open Platform (https://data.kigam.re.kr).

Major Activities

  • Establishment and operation of Geoscience Data Repository (GDR)
  • Geo Big-data open platform development and public service
  • ‌Development of integrated search tool and 2D/3D-based visualization system for geoscience and mineral resources
  • Development of geoscience research data standard guidelines and quality control/ evaluation system
  • CCOP-GDR system technology transfer
  • Joint publication of Geo Data Journal