R&D Division Mineral Exploration and Mining Research Center Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources
Mineral Exploration and Mining Research Center


The Mineral Exploration and Mining Research Center systematically investigates national mineral resources through wide-area aero-physical exploration and precise geophysical prospecting. The Center utilizes a mineral exploration data integration platform using 3D geological modeling, drone, and artificial intelligence (AI)-based smart mining technology and researches the convergence of geological technology and information and communication technology to solve geological and social issues.

Major Activities

  • Development of potential resources evaluation technology based on 3D geological modeling for energy storage minerals
  • Securing new vanadium-containing iron ore in Pocheon area
  • Development of hybrid unmanned electronic exploration system
  • MOU with Australia's IADA HOLDING PTY LTD on drone exploration
  • Development and construction of GeoAI shared platform for Geodata and AI Model
  • Development of urban complex geological disaster response technology