R&D Division Active Tectonics Research Center Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources
Active Tectonics Research Center


The Active Tectonics Research Center conducts multidisciplinary research on moderate to large earthquakes and volcanoes, which are products of crustal deformation caused by active tectonics. The Center develops a research technology to understand geological behaviors of active faults and volcanoes in intraplate regions, and also we secure basic data for earthquake and volcanic disaster assessment and disaster prevention measures based on remote sensing technology.

Major Activities

  • Research on active crustal deformations in the Korean peninsula.
  • ‌Clarification of major fault systems segments of the Korean Peninsula and moderate to large-sized earthquake cycle models
  • Production of thematic fault maps and active fault maps
  • Research on the solutions to the top three challenges of the intraplate fault (slow fault, covered fault, hidden fault)