R&D Division Mineral Processing & Metallurgy Research Center Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources
Mineral Processing & Metallurgy Research Center


The Mineral Processing and Metallurgy Center implements research on the development of technology required to secure practical elements or materials from mineral resources. The Center's primary concern is the rare metals needed for developing a high-technology industry. The Center focuses on developing high-efficiency, low-energy, eco-friendly, and IT convergence technologies to overcome the drawbacks of ordinary technology


  • Recovery of vanadium and titanium minerals from domestic vanadiumtitanium magnetite (VTM) ore
  • Development of online monitoring and control crushing and flotation system through converging IoT/ICT technology
  • Application of unused oyster shells for the production of rapid hardening cement and potassium fertilizer
  • CDM Methodology (No. AM0121) registration with UNFCCC
  • Development of novel eco-friendly and high-efficiency smelting technology for rare metals (Mg, Ti, REEs, etc.)
  • Development of online monitoring and AI-based controlled separation process for rare earth elements