R&D Division Geoanalysis Center Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources
Geoanalysis Center


The Geoanalysis Center provides professional testing and analysis services related to geological analysis and environmental science through an internationally accredited testing agency (KOLAS-ILAC). The Center conducts R&D research by developing inorganic and isotopic analysis methods or automatic pre-treatment equipments. The meteorite reporting center manages meteorite appraisal, registration, and history and conducts academic research on the meteorite.

Major Activities

  • Development of automatic mass dilution pre-treatment unit to reduce ICP analysis time
  • Development of AMS sample pre-treatment automation device
  • ‌Development of inorganic analysis (ICP-OES, ICP-MS, XRF)
  • Development of radioactive and stable isotope analysis method, and introduction of FE-EPMA analysis method
  • Operation and certification of KOLAS-ILAC