R&D Division Geo-Environment Research Center Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources
Geo-Environment Research Center


The Geo-Environment Research Center develops technology that controls and prevents the diffusion of geological environmental pollutants through a geochemical approach. The Center is also committed to optimal evaluation of geological environmental pollution characteristics, performance monitoring of pollutant treatment, conservation and recovery in mining and industrial areas, and development of complex contaminated soil treatment agents and fusion processes.

Major Activities

  • Development of vegetation coating technology to prevent the spread of pollutants and the loss of soil
  • Development of polymer-based soil modifiers and biochemical mineral waste disposal materials
  • Evaluation of G-PHEs oxidation/reduction behavior by microorganisms and securing related microbial strains/genetic information
  • Development of coating agents and microbial agents to inhibit acid drainage and promote vegetation cover
  • Development of physical and chemical complex treatment technology through particle size separation/alkali extraction of U-containing soil
  • Manufacture and characterization of high-efficiency U (VI) adsorbent
  • Development of a thermochemical process that produces a gas energy source (e.g., hydrogen) simultaneously with the synthesis of carbon-based complexes