R&D Division Deep Subsurface Storage and Disposal Research Center Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources
Deep Subsurface Storage and Disposal Research Center


The Deep Subsurface Storage and Disposal Research Center develops the world-leading cutting-edge green technologies for the sustainable utilization of deep subsurfaces (HLW deep geological disposal, underground energy storage, deep drilling, etc.), and secures the characterization system up to a depth of 5 km.

Major Activities

  • (InDEPTH2) Developing 1-5 km deep subsurface characterization technologies and operating a high-temperature and high-pressure geophysical borehole logging system
  • (InDEPTH2) Developing a three-dimensional thermal-hydraulic-mechanical (T-H-M) coupled behavior analysis platform based on the continuum software OpenGeoSys and FLAC3D
  • ‌(TELLUS) Constructing and operating a multiple geophysical observatories (total of 6 locations) based on deep drilling (~1 km) in the southeastern region to monitoring the data occurred by tectonic movements and earthquakes
  • (Deep Geological Disposal) Studying the subsurface characteristics such as geological structure and rock type and so on, for a deep geological disposal of High Level Waste
  • (Safety Verification for Disposal) Developing the safety verification tools and methods for regulatory requirement on a deep geological disposal system for the spent nuclear fuel