R&D Division Geological Research Center Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources
Geological Research Center


The Geological Research Center publishes geological maps and geological thematic maps of various scales, including the national basic geological map, and focuses on research on the tectonic evolution history of the land crust. The Center produces geological information that can respond to various national issues such as the distribution of harmful elements of bedrock, distribution of geological heritage, and satellite (moon) geology and resource exploration.

Major Activities

  • Publication of national basic geological map and geological thematic maps
  • Identification of the earth's land tectonic development process and establishment of branch offices
  • Development of digital geological survey system (KMapper)
  • A nationwide distribution map of harmful elements originating from bedrock is prepared
  • Development of gamma-ray, X-ray, and radar remote exploration analysis technology for exploration of moon mineral resources
  • Development of planetary resource exploration technology, basic research on rocks, minerals, and geochemistry of moon-like rocks
  • Preparation of a geological heritage distribution map