R&D Division Landslides Research Center Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources
Landslides Research Center


The Landslides Research Center is developing a reliable landslide early warning system through real-time rainfall information prediction. The main tasks of the center are divided into three categories: operation of landslide monitoring system (LMS), rainfall information analysis system (RIAS), and development of landslide early warning system (LEWS). To evaluate the landslide stability and debris flow mobilization, we are conducting researches on the advancement of landslide prediction methods using artificial neural networks (ANN) based on landslide inventory and the development of numerical model.

Major Activities

  • Site investigation and inventory mapping for landslides and debris flows
  • Laboratory testings for landslide characterization
  • Operation of landslide monitoring system in the National Parks
  • Development of rainfall information analysis system (RIAS) and landslide early warning system (LEWS)
  • Development of debris flow numerical model equipped with rheological functions