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Quantification and correction of site amplification characteristics at seismic stations

Quantification and correction of site amplification characteristics at seismic stations 

Site amplification at seismic stations has site-specific uncertainties with regard to geo-layer composition and topographic and geological conditions inducing strong sediment/bedrock impedance contrasts. To quantify the site amplification characteristics at KIGAM and KMA seismic stations, geotechnical earthquake engineering based site characterization has been conducted (2018–2020). First, existing site investigation dataset was collected and optimized based on quality assurance procedures. Second, in-situ site investigations were conducted focusing on the stations having the potential of soil amplification. Third, the site database for archiving profile of geo-layer and shear wave velocity was constructed based on the collected and conducted investigation datasets. Fourth, the site classification was performed for each stations to build spatial layer information for the site class. Finally, quantification of site amplification and its correction techniques was proposed for borehole and free-field stations. This study provides site databases and correlated correction procedures of site amplification from seismic records at KIGAM and KMA nation-wide stations.

Contact: Han-Saem Kim (adoogen@kigam.re.kr), Hyung-Ik Cho (hicho@kigam.re.kr)

Fig. 1. Site database for KMA seismic stations based on the site classification system applying geotechnical site investigations.

Fig. 2. Priority of site amplification correction methods by performance evaluation.