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Korea International Ocean Discovery Program (K-IODP)


In 2019, five Korean scientists including KIGAM researchers participated in the IODP drilling expedition. They successfully carried out collaborative international research in IODP sailing activities.  

As part of efforts to realize education and outreach programs, the K-IODP Summer School took place from August 26 to 29 at KIGAM, Korea. Fourteen graduate students from ten universities joined this event. In addition, four graduate students from four universities attended the J-DESC Core School (November 12-21 2019) held by the Kochi Core Center of Japan for advanced training. K-IODP promoted K-IODP activities to the public through various channels. K-IODP submitted an IODP drilling proposal for the Ulleung Basin area of the East Sea to the IODP support office. This drilling proposal is aimed at IODP drilling in the Ulleung Basin in the future. The subject of the drilling proposal is to interpret submarine landslides and paleoclimate/paleoceanography in the Ulleung Basin, East Sea (proposed title: Ulleung Basin gas hydrates and submarine landslides: climate-driven hazards?).  

Contact: Gil Young Kim (gykim@kigam.re.kr)

Fig. 1.